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Short Answer Questions

1. In the Chorus's first lines, they believe that a happy man is one who leads what kind of life?

2. What destroyed Dionysus's mother?

3. When Dionysus speaks to Pentheus for the first time, where does he say his home is?

4. What kind of relationship did Dionysus's father have with his mother?

5. Pentheus is obsessed with what aspect of the women's behavior?

Short Essay Questions

1. What story does the Parados tell?

2. What is the Chorus denouncing in the first ode?

3. How are the Chorus and Pentheus similar?

4. How is the worship of Dionysus described in the Parados?

5. What happened once Pentheus was in the tree?

6. When Hera found out about the love affair between Zeus and Semele, what did Semele question?

7. What does the second messenger report?

8. What did Agave do to Pentheus?

9. Why is the Chorus celebrating in the fifth ode?

10. What is the Chorus looking forward to in the third ode?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the role of the Chorus? Using examples from the book describe how the Chorus fulfills this role.

Essay Topic 2

What is the difference between the blindness Pentheus suffers and the blindness Tiresius suffers? Use examples from the play to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Using the book to support your answer, explain how the main character Dionysus affects the play's structure.

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