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Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does the Chorus say Dionysus can "wake?"

2. Why does Pentheus want the women to spin at the loom?

3. According to the Chorus, who is Zeus's father?

4. Why is the soldier ashamed to bring Dionysus to Pentheus?

5. According to the Chorus, who was "sprung of a dragon of old?"

Short Essay Questions

1. In the third ode what thoughts does the Chorus express about divine power?

2. Why has Pentheus come to rely on Dionysus for his disguise?

3. Who does Pentheus see when he looks at Dionysus?

4. How does the Chorus refer to Pentheus in the fourth ode?

5. How does Dionysus turn the king's anger at him into contentment?

6. Who is Tiresius?

7. Why does Cadmus argue with Pentheus?

8. What is the Parodos?

9. What is the Chorus looking forward to in the third ode?

10. What does the first messenger report that is in conflict with what the king believes?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How do Agave and Cadmus represent the opinions and attitudes of the audience? Support your answer with evidence from the play.

Essay Topic 2

How does Dionysus influence Pentheus throughout the play? Does Dionysus's influence over Pentheus change as the play continues? Support your answer with examples from the play.

Essay Topic 3

Using specific examples from the book, explain how Dionysus displays his divinity even while in human form. What message do these actions send about the divine?

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