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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What characterizes Pentheus's mother's knowledge about her actions to her son, according to the Chorus in the fifth ode?
(a) She has forgotten she killed her son.
(b) She knows she killed her son.
(c) She doesn't care that she has killed her son.
(d) She is unaware she killed her son.

2. The Chorus says that although divine power is slow, it will punish who?
(a) The arrogant.
(b) The misguided.
(c) All people.
(d) The false gods.

3. How does Dionysus tell Pentheus to "step out" while he is in disguise?
(a) With his right foot.
(b) Stealthy lest none should see him.
(c) Proudly.
(d) Happily, with the air of gladness.

4. When Dionysus refers to "the seats of Nymphs" and "the place of Pan" what is he referring to?
(a) Rivers.
(b) Trees.
(c) Forrests.
(d) Hills.

5. How many suns does Pentheus see when he comes out in his disguise?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) None - it is night.

6. In the first line of the fourth ode, how does the Chorus refer to the women?
(a) The daughters of Cadmus.
(b) The wild women.
(c) The happy souls of wine.
(d) The daughters of Dionysus.

7. How does the Chorus characterize Pentheus's intent to meddle with the rites of Dionysus?
(a) Purposeful intent.
(b) Frantic intent.
(c) Mad intent.
(d) Single intent.

8. How did Pentheus die?
(a) Happily.
(b) Peacefully.
(c) Accidentily.
(d) Violently.

9. The Chorus extols the virtues of the simple man who lives within what?
(a) The means of his life.
(b) The walls with his family.
(c) The social boundaries.
(d) The traditions of his people.

10. When the first messenger describes how the women slept, what word does he use?
(a) Sexually.
(b) Capriciousness.
(c) Modestly.
(d) Lonely.

11. The power of the gods, according to the Chorus, corrects the mortal what?
(a) Wrongs.
(b) Women.
(c) Wights.
(d) Wisemen.

12. What does the Chorus refer to as the "sure pledge of death" for Pentheus?
(a) Holding the fair serpent girdle.
(b) Holding the fair Bacchic wand.
(c) Holding the fair golden chalice.
(d) Holding the fair crown of leaves.

13. How does the Chorus function, in relation to Dionysus, in the fifth ode?
(a) As a distinct being, different from Dionysus.
(b) As a sister to Dionysus.
(c) As an extension of Dionysus.
(d) As a conscience to Dionysus.

14. The Chorus says that although their triumph is glorious, it ends in what?
(a) Pleasure and pain.
(b) Fright and madness.
(c) Sadness and tears.
(d) Sorrow and pleading.

15. What does the Chorus predict that Agave will say Pentheus was born from?
(a) A tigress.
(b) A lioness.
(c) A mare.
(d) A she-cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who ripped the tree out of the ground?

2. What part of Pentheus is his mother carrying to the city?

3. Who ripped Pentheus apart?

4. Who brings the news that Pentheus is dead?

5. According to the Chorus, who will be the first person to "mark" Pentheus?

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