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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the Chorus, when is it right to override the laws of custom?
(a) When it is in the interests of the people.
(b) On occasion.
(c) When it is in the interests of the gods.
(d) Never.

2. Who leaves the stage right before the Chorus starts their fourth ode?
(a) Dionysus.
(b) Pentheus.
(c) Tiresius.
(d) Cadmus.

3. What kind of monster does the Chorus think Agave might say Pentheus is birthed from?
(a) Roman Centurion.
(b) Greecian Atlas.
(c) Libyan Gorgon.
(d) Egyptian Spyhnx.

4. Who is the "king" for the Chorus?
(a) Semele.
(b) Tiberius.
(c) Pentheus.
(d) Dionysus.

5. What does the Chorus refer to as the "sure pledge of death" for Pentheus?
(a) Holding the fair golden chalice.
(b) Holding the fair crown of leaves.
(c) Holding the fair serpent girdle.
(d) Holding the fair Bacchic wand.

6. When Dionysus refers to "the seats of Nymphs" and "the place of Pan" what is he referring to?
(a) Hills.
(b) Forrests.
(c) Rivers.
(d) Trees.

7. Who ripped the tree out of the ground?
(a) A bull.
(b) The women.
(c) Pentheus' sister.
(d) Dionysus.

8. The Chorus shares the belief of Tiresius and Cadmus that to honor the divine is what?
(a) A tradition.
(b) Common sense.
(c) Only for the rich.
(d) A waste of time.

9. The Chorus says that although divine power is slow, it will punish who?
(a) The false gods.
(b) All people.
(c) The misguided.
(d) The arrogant.

10. During the third ode, the Chorus looks forward to what?
(a) Dionysus's reconciliation with his family.
(b) Dionysus's revenge.
(c) Pentheus's homage to Dionysus.
(d) Pentheus's success.

11. The power of the gods, according to the Chorus, corrects the mortal what?
(a) Women.
(b) Wights.
(c) Wrongs.
(d) Wisemen.

12. What does Dionysus say the problem is with Pentheus's dress?
(a) It doesn't hang evenly.
(b) It is the wrong fabric.
(c) It is too long.
(d) It is the wrong color.

13. Who brings the news that Pentheus is dead?
(a) The fourth messenger.
(b) The fifth messenger.
(c) The second messenger.
(d) The third messenger.

14. In what kind of strain does the Chorus want to "exalt their Bacchic god?"
(a) Choral strain.
(b) Melodious strain.
(c) Harmonious strain.
(d) Acapella strain.

15. Who ripped Pentheus apart?
(a) Cadmus.
(b) Helena.
(c) Echion.
(d) Agave.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Chorus says that true wisdom, as granted by the heavens to the mortals, is to gain mastery over what?

2. What characterizes Pentheus's mother's knowledge about her actions to her son, according to the Chorus in the fifth ode?

3. What is the Chorus celebrating in the fifth ode?

4. How does Dionysus tell Pentheus to "step out" while he is in disguise?

5. What is Thebes?

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