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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word describes both Tiresius and Cadmus?
(a) Hearty.
(b) Youthful.
(c) Handsome.
(d) Old.

2. Tiresius says that failing to give honor where honor is due is what?
(a) Inviting revenge.
(b) Real madness.
(c) A folly.
(d) A shame.

3. What story is told in the Chorus's first appearance?
(a) Dionysus's revenge.
(b) Dionysus's birth.
(c) Dionysus's history.
(d) Dionysus's death.

4. According to the Chorus, where did Pentheus put his prisoner?
(a) A tower too high to climb.
(b) A stinky stable.
(c) A hole in the earth.
(d) A gloomy dungeon.

5. When Pentheus orders Dionysus locked up, who does he think Dionysus is?
(a) A cult follower.
(b) A god.
(c) The cult leader.
(d) A fellow king.

6. What rises from the site of Dionysus's mother's death?
(a) Smoke.
(b) A tree.
(c) A vine.
(d) A mountain.

7. When Dionysus was born, he was crowned with a coronal of what?
(a) Snakes.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Grapes.
(d) Ivy.

8. Pentheus holds what title?
(a) King.
(b) Ruler.
(c) Philosopher.
(d) Priest.

9. Who are the Bacchae?
(a) The unbelivers.
(b) Dionysus's followers.
(c) The Chorus.
(d) The priests of Dionysus.

10. On which mountain do the Pierian Muses have their "haunt most fair?"
(a) Mt. Othella.
(b) Mt. Oppilos.
(c) Mt. Olives.
(d) Mt. Olympus.

11. Who is the Chorus referring to when they say "earth-born?"
(a) Men.
(b) Children.
(c) Mortals.
(d) Women.

12. The Chorus extolls the virtue of simple what?
(a) Dress.
(b) Living.
(c) Speaking.
(d) Eating.

13. Because of what happened to the women, the soldier thinks that Dionysus causes what?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Coincidences.
(c) Miracles.
(d) Surprises.

14. When the Chorus says "Like a colt that gambols at its mother's side," who are they saying is the colt?
(a) The worshipers of Dionysus.
(b) Pentheus.
(c) Dionysus.
(d) The Greeks.

15. Who is Dionysus's father?
(a) Mars.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Pluto.
(d) Apollo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What story does Pentheus scoff at?

2. According to the Chorus, the end of all unbridled speech would bring what?

3. What relationship is Pentheus to Dionysus?

4. Why does Pentheus want the women to spin at the loom?

5. Who is Pentheus's father?

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