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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fifth Episode.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pentheus orders the capture of Dionysus and who?
(a) The people giving money to the cult.
(b) The leader of the cult.
(c) All his followers.
(d) The women.

2. The first messenger reports that when they tried to bring Pentheus's mother back from the group of women, the women went mad and destroyed what?
(a) A herd of cattle.
(b) A town of men.
(c) A herd of sheep.
(d) A flock of birds.

3. What are Tiresius and Cadmus planning on doing?
(a) Honoring Dionysus.
(b) Partying with the women.
(c) Praying to Dionysus in the temple.
(d) Pretending to be women.

4. What happened that released Dionysus from prison?
(a) A flood.
(b) A fire.
(c) A jail-break.
(d) An earthquake.

5. The Chorus says that sophistry is not what?
(a) Wisdom.
(b) Senseless.
(c) Practical.
(d) Folly.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Chorus think that a mortal man should "live out his day and night?"

2. What kind of heart does the Chorus think Pentheus has in his quest against the women?

3. Who leaves the stage right before the Chorus enters for the first time?

4. The Chorus praises Dionysus as a god who brings what?

5. Who honors Dionysus's mother's burial site?

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