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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Second Episode.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would a follower of Dionysus "brandish" while wearing a crown of ivy?
(a) A frustus.
(b) A thyrsus.
(c) A spear.
(d) A sword.

2. What describes the stories that Pentheus shares about the women and their worship of Dionysus?
(a) Scandalous.
(b) Enlightened.
(c) Praising.
(d) Frightful.

3. Dionysus wants to punish people in Thebes for what?
(a) Not having a temple for him.
(b) Not giving tributes to him.
(c) Not honoring him at their festivals.
(d) Not worshiping him as a god.

4. Where has the cult that is in Thebes come from?
(a) Persia.
(b) England.
(c) Sparta.
(d) Athens.

5. The Chorus says that "true wisdom is keeping the heart and soul aloof" from what?
(a) Heavy thinkers.
(b) Over-subtle wits.
(c) Over-educated men.
(d) Over-thinking philosophers.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Pentheus orders Dionysus locked up, who does he think Dionysus is?

2. Because of what happened to the women, the soldier thinks that Dionysus causes what?

3. The Chorus extolls the virtue of simple what?

4. Who is the writer of this play?

5. Pentheus says that he will do what to the women he has captured?

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