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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Fourth Choral Ode.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the first messenger describes how the women slept, what word does he use?
(a) Sexually.
(b) Capriciousness.
(c) Modestly.
(d) Lonely.

2. Why does the first messenger not want to tell Pentheus the truth of what he saw?
(a) He didn't see anything.
(b) He fears Pentheus's delight.
(c) He fears Pentheus's rage.
(d) He doesn't know the truth.

3. How does the Chorus characterize Pentheus's intent to meddle with the rites of Dionysus?
(a) Purposeful intent.
(b) Mad intent.
(c) Single intent.
(d) Frantic intent.

4. What kind of monster does the Chorus think Agave might say Pentheus is birthed from?
(a) Egyptian Spyhnx.
(b) Greecian Atlas.
(c) Roman Centurion.
(d) Libyan Gorgon.

5. Who leaves the stage right before the Chorus starts their fourth ode?
(a) Dionysus.
(b) Pentheus.
(c) Cadmus.
(d) Tiresius.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Chorus, who dwells on Cyprus?

2. The Chorus says that sophistry is not what?

3. The Chorus asks Dionysus to lead them places and act as their what?

4. On which mountain do the Pierian Muses have their "haunt most fair?"

5. What is Hellas?

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