The Bacchae Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Agave - This character insulted a god by saying he was not the son of Zeus.

Cadmus - This character was the ancient founder of Thebes.

Chorus - These characters are a group of Asian Bacchae who wear deer skins and crowns of ivy. They carry the thyrsus wand and fennel stalk, and they drink, dance, and sing hymns.

Dionysus - This character is the Greek god of wine and revelry.

First Messenger - This character is a herdsman from Mount Cithaeron who appears halfway through the play to describe a terrible battle he witnessed between the Maenads and the villagers of the mountain.

Pentheus - This character has inherited the throne of Thebes, and early in the play he is away from Thebes.

Second Messenger - This character is given the task of reporting a grisly death and was part of the retinue of soldiers who...

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