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Gary Jennings
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes and visits Mixtli and Zyanya, and stays awhile, in their new home?

2. Who takes care of Mixtli's house when he goes an another journey after the flood?

3. What religion are the Spaniards trying to spread?

4. How does Cozcatl die?

5. Who sponsors Mixtli's wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. What features does Mixtli like in the house Ahuitzotl builds for him?

2. What does Malintzin's ambitious behavior demonstrate right away to Mixtli?

3. What does Snake Woman realize after she is sent with golden gifts to Cortes in Chololan?

4. What is the effect of taking jipuri cacti?

5. What makes Mixtli decide to return to his wanderings when he is running with the Raramuri?

6. What does Mixtli do to show his urgency among the priests who hold the purple dye?

7. How do Motecuzoma and Nezahualpili agree to settle their bet over with whom to go to war?

8. What unique physical feature does the "unattached woman" in one of the Otomi towns have that Mixtl finds so attractive?

9. What kind of boat does Mixtli use to follow the lava flow out to sea?

10. What does Mixtli tell Motecuzoma about the huge ships, or houses, that have been spotted in the Eastern Sea?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several characters in the story are married -- often more than once -- throughout the novel. Discuss the function of marriage within Aztec and what message, if any, Jennings is trying to convey about marriage itself through his characters.

Essay Topic 2

Using direct evidence from the text, discuss what Mixtli's near-sightedness symbolizes and at least 3 literary devices Jennings uses to convey this symbolism.

Essay Topic 3

Create a well-crafted essay that discusses 1) the function of the Bishop, 2) what the reader is supposed to think of the Bishop, and 3) at least three literary devices that Jennings uses to convey what the Bishop thinks of Mixtli's life story.

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