Objects & Places from Aztec

Gary Jennings
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The Lake Region, the Five Lakes

This location consists of one large lake that has islands in it.


This is a small island in the northern section of the Lake region. Its main business is a rock quarry that produces building stone.

The Goddess Filth Eater

This is a beloved religious figure whose priests take the confessions of people about to die and ease their way into the life after death.

The Chichimeca

These are desert tribes that are called the dog people by more civilized folk.

The Triple Alliance

This partnership is dominated by Mexica, and it is also referred to as the Mexica Empire.

The House of Pochteca, the Merchant House

A character has to pay a percentage to this place in order to maintain trading expedition operations..

The City of Tenochtitlan, Capital of the Mexica and the One

This place is located on a...

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