Aztec Character Descriptions

Gary Jennings
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Mixtli, also known as Head Nodder, Dark Cloud and Fogbound

This character, who is the narrator of the story, has been a translator, soldier, trader, noble, and scribe.

Reverend Speaker Nezahualpili, Ruler of Texcoco

This character is a ruler for much of the story and one of the Triple Alliance powers.

Chimali and Tlatli

These two characters grow up on the island of Xaltocan, and they are lucky enough to be selected to go to art school.

Reverend Speaker Motecuzoma, Ruler of Mexica, the One World

This character is the last widely recognized monarch of Mexica and the Triple Alliance.


This character is married to another for almost 10 years until an untimely death.

Beu Ribe

This character's name means "Waiting Moon".

Reverend Speaker Ahuitzotl, Mexica ruler

This character is the ruler of Mexica and the head of the Triple Alliance for much of the story.



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