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Gary Jennings
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Part I, P. 1 to P. 34

• Emperor Carlos of Spain (and also Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) wants a history of the Indians in Mexico. Mixtli is chosen to be the source.

• Mixtli tells his story to Bishop Juan de Zumarraga, who writes down what Mixtli says and sends letters to the emperor.

• Mixtli starts by describing where he is from: an island near what is now known as Mexico city.

• Mixtli sees his first human sacrifice when he is a young boy with his father, Tepetzalan, who works in a rock quarry.

• Mixtli has a childhood friend name Chimali who has wild hair and who is afraid of being chosen as a sacrifice.

• Mixtli's sister, Tzitzilini, is very sexual and is caught masturbating (and is punished for it) at a young age. The Bishop hears of this and writes down the information, even though he finds Mixtli's...

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