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Short Answer Questions

1. As they sail to the Cheniere Caminada, how does Edna feel?

2. What is singing in French and a little Spanish?

3. How does the author describe Edna's feelings for her own children?

4. What does Mr. Pontellier promise to bring back for his sons?

5. Leonce is so dissatisfied with dinner he leaves to:

Short Essay Questions

1. Given all of the time and attention and affection from Robert and now his sudden departure, what kind of person is he? Do you think he is different from the man you first read about? Has he been deceptive? Is he fearful?

2. What is the first impression the author gives of Mrs. Pontellier?

3. In Chapter 11, Edna defies her husband. Is she victorious?

4. The author says that Edna's will had blazed up. However, Leonce has a strong will, too. What is going on in this chapter? How is the Pontellier marriage changing?

5. Once Edna has returned to the cottage, she finds herself alone and contemplates her life. Does she feel that she has changed since arriving at the Grande Isle? Does she understand how these changes, however small or dramatic, could be life-changing for her?

6. What is it about the ocean that emboldens Edna?

7. Chopin uses the image of water as a symbol for what?

8. Why does Edna cry so hard after her husband scolds her for being what he considers a neglectful mother?

9. Why does Edna leave the Ratignolles in a depressed rather than a happy state of mind?

10. What do you think compelled Edna to jump into the ocean for a swim?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Alcee call Edna's new home the "pigeon-house"? Is the term symbolic in any way?

Essay Topic 2

At the end of Chapter 33, Robert and Edna sit in silence. He has called her cruel. Has Edna changed too much for him?

Essay Topic 3

Is The Awakening a proper title for this novel? If you could name it something else, what would you name it and why?

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