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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Edna at the end of this story?
(a) On a ship to Mexico
(b) Back on Esplanade Street, with Leonce
(c) In the ocean, physically too tired to swim back
(d) Having dinner with Victor and Mariequita

2. Alone with Edna, what does Alcee show her?
(a) His journals
(b) His private collection of paintings
(c) A scar from a saber cut he got at age 19
(d) Scars on his back from beatings during his childhood

3. Why is Doctor Mandelet not bothered by Madame Ratignolle's complaints?
(a) She has lost her mind.
(b) He is used to them and knows she is a loyal patient.
(c) Her husband is the one who matters, not her.
(d) Every patient complains, so it is not important.

4. What does Victor's kiss on Edna's hand feel like?
(a) Disgusting
(b) A pleasing sting
(c) Cold and icy
(d) Like punch in the gut

5. How does Mr. Pontellier save his public image?
(a) By running off to Europe
(b) By calling friends and begging for their pity
(c) By putting a notice in the paper announcing his family's upcoming sojourn
(d) By putting a notice in the paper announcing his company's success

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edna do while her husband is in New York?

2. What is a mulatresse?

3. Edna tells Robert that he:

4. How does Robert react to the sight of Alcee's photograph?

5. Who made the tobacco pouch that Robert carries?

Short Essay Questions

1. Did the author give any warning that this love affair might not end happily?

2. Is Leonce at all worried about the breakup of his marriage emotionally? Is he making arrangements to hide his real feelings?

3. Is the dinner party a grand affair?

4. Are Robert Lebrun and Alcee Arobin alike? Or are they dramatically different from one another?

5. Edna and Mademoiselle Reisz have a spirited discussion when they meet again. Describe the things they say to one another. Is this a pair of women who really like each other?

6. Describe how Edna feels once she is truly alone.

7. Once Edna has decided to move, does she want to discuss it with Leonce?

8. Do you think Edna's feelings were Robert were genuine?

9. Why did Robert not write to Edna from Mexico?

10. After her disappointing evening with Robert, what does Edna initially do?

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