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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Edna's father's reason for coming to town?
(a) To take Edna away from Leonce
(b) To get a health check-up with Dr. Mandelet
(c) To see some museums
(d) To buy a wedding present for his other daughter

2. What does Victor's kiss on Edna's hand feel like?
(a) Cold and icy
(b) A pleasing sting
(c) Disgusting
(d) Like punch in the gut

3. What explanation does Robert give for not writing to Edna?
(a) He could not find pen and paper.
(b) He thought she would not find his letters interesting.
(c) He thought writing to Mademoiselle Reisz was enough.
(d) The postal rates were too high.

4. Edna's father believes her marriage would be stronger if:
(a) Mr. Pontellier made her his business partner.
(b) Mr. Pontellier supported her painting career.
(c) Mr. Pontellier stayed home more evenings with her.
(d) Mr. Pontellier would stay home full-time with her.

5. Edna and Robert finally kiss. Who made the first move?
(a) Robert
(b) Edna
(c) They moved toward one another at exactly the same time.
(d) The author does not say.

Short Answer Questions

1. What announcement does Edna make at Mademoiselle Reisz's?

2. Why does Edna have to suddenly leave Robert?

3. How do the Pontellier children feel about their house being renovated?

4. What did Robert write in his note to Edna?

5. Who has written to Mademoiselle Reisz asking about Edna?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is the dinner party a grand affair?

2. Is Leonce at all worried about the breakup of his marriage emotionally? Is he making arrangements to hide his real feelings?

3. Why does the photo of Alcee Arobin upset Robert so much when he goes back to the pigeon-house with her?

4. Why does Edna call her move and dinner party a "coup d'etat"?

5. Why does Mademoiselle Reisz play the Chopin piece? Is this an instance of foreshadowing?

6. Are Robert Lebrun and Alcee Arobin alike? Or are they dramatically different from one another?

7. Why does Edna enjoy horse racing so much?

8. Once Edna has decided to move, does she want to discuss it with Leonce?

9. Edna tells Mademoiselle Reisz that she is going to move out of her house and that she is in love with Robert. Are either of these actions wise?

10. After her disappointing evening with Robert, what does Edna initially do?

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