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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has written to Mademoiselle Reisz asking about Edna?
(a) Mariequita
(b) Robert
(c) Madame Antoine
(d) Tonie

2. What does Adele tell Edna to do?
(a) Remember the children
(b) To go back to Grande Isle
(c) Stay with her until she recovers
(d) Stay with Leonce no matter what

3. Edna and Robert finally kiss. Who made the first move?
(a) They moved toward one another at exactly the same time.
(b) The author does not say.
(c) Robert
(d) Edna

4. What does Edna promise before leaving?
(a) That she will paint his portrait
(b) That they will be together from now on
(c) That they will have to marry in a civil ceremony
(d) That they will go back to Mexico

5. Why does Edna not want to go abroad?
(a) She cannot stand traveling with Leonce.
(b) She prefers domestic travel.
(c) She does not want to be forced into doing things she does not want to do anymore.
(d) She does not like foreign travel.

6. Who is Alcee Arobin?
(a) An artist like herself
(b) A businessman with whom Leonce has dealings
(c) A much sought-after bachelor
(d) A member of the society of young men of fashion, a socialite

7. Describe the nature of Robert's and Edna's conversation:
(a) As if they had never left each other
(b) Very intellectual
(c) Very proper and polite
(d) A bit awkward, mostly small talk

8. At the last moment, which two guests do not show up at Edna's dinner party?
(a) Adele Ratignolle and Madame Lebrun
(b) Leonce and Dr. Mandelet
(c) Etienne and Raoul
(d) The Colonel and her sister

9. Who is Mademoiselle Reisz surprised to see at her doorstep?
(a) Robert
(b) Edna
(c) Victor
(d) Adele

10. Why does Edna tell Victor to stop singing?
(a) He is singing a song that Robert often sang to her.
(b) He is a terrible singer.
(c) She hates that song.
(d) She wants to sing.

11. Mr. Pontellier thinks something's wrong with Edna because:
(a) She has lost much weight.
(b) She paints disturbing portraits.
(c) She forgets her housework, comes in late and does not associate with anyone.
(d) She is speaking in French most of the time.

12. What does Edna receive with her husband's letter of disapproval?
(a) Instructions to contact a lawyer to start their divorce
(b) Nothing
(c) Instructions to contact an architect to remodel their house
(d) Instructions on how to get to this mother's house

13. Where will Edna move?
(a) Another grand house on the other side of town
(b) A little house around the corner
(c) A totally different city
(d) Her mother-in-law's house in the countryside

14. Who is Edna thinking of when she returns home?
(a) The Colonel
(b) Her sons
(c) Robert
(d) Leonce

15. When does Alcee finally say goodnight to Edna?
(a) When she orders him to leave
(b) When she says goodbye first
(c) He does not because he stays until the morning.
(d) When she became supple to his gentle seductive entreaties

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a mulatresse?

2. Leonce tells Edna he will return in March after which they will go where?

3. Where is Edna at the end of this story?

4. What does Edna do after Alcee leaves?

5. How do the Pontellier children feel about their house being renovated?

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