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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edna feel once her father and husband are gone?
(a) She is miserable.
(b) She is lonely.
(c) She is happy to be alone and feels free.
(d) She is lost as to how to occupy herself.

2. What does Edna want to do before dinner?
(a) Take a nap
(b) Play the piano
(c) Bathe in the ocean
(d) Go fishing

3. Who is Alcee Arobin?
(a) A member of the society of young men of fashion, a socialite
(b) An artist like herself
(c) A businessman with whom Leonce has dealings
(d) A much sought-after bachelor

4. As Edna walks on the beach, what does she realize about Robert?
(a) That he was a cad just like Alcee
(b) That eventually he would melt out of her existence
(c) He probably had another girlfriend anyway.
(d) He was much too young for her.

5. Why did Robert never reveal his true feelings to Edna before?
(a) He was not sure of how he felt until this moment.
(b) She was not free.
(c) He was worried she would not understand.
(d) He thought she would make fun of him.

6. Who does Mrs. Highcamp think her daughter would like?
(a) Victor
(b) Robert
(c) Leonce
(d) Alcee

7. When Edna sees Robert at the cafe, she accuses him of being the embodiment of:
(a) Selfishness
(b) Beauty
(c) Generosity
(d) Cruelty

8. What does Alcee call Edna's new home?
(a) The pigeon-house
(b) The bird's nest
(c) The love lair
(d) The ostrich's retreat

9. According to Adele, what is Alcee's reputation?
(a) Dreadful
(b) Very good
(c) Respectable
(d) Not really known

10. Who arrives at Mademoiselle Reisz's while Edna waits there alone?
(a) Leonce
(b) Victor
(c) Robert
(d) Alcee

11. How does Mr. Pontellier save his public image?
(a) By putting a notice in the paper announcing his family's upcoming sojourn
(b) By calling friends and begging for their pity
(c) By running off to Europe
(d) By putting a notice in the paper announcing his company's success

12. How does Robert react to the sight of Alcee's photograph?
(a) Sadly
(b) With coolness
(c) Angrily
(d) Quizzically

13. What does Edna receive with her husband's letter of disapproval?
(a) Instructions on how to get to this mother's house
(b) Instructions to contact a lawyer to start their divorce
(c) Instructions to contact an architect to remodel their house
(d) Nothing

14. What announcement does Edna make at Mademoiselle Reisz's?
(a) She is going to adopt Mariequita.
(b) She is going to start a family with Alcee.
(c) She is moving to Paris to study painting.
(d) She is moving out of her house on Esplanade Street.

15. What is her overwhelming feeling after kissing Alcee?
(a) A feeling of excitement
(b) A feeling of irresponsibility
(c) A feeling of inevitablity
(d) A feeling of lightness

Short Answer Questions

1. What worries Mr. Pontellier about this situation?

2. Edna's father believes her marriage would be stronger if:

3. Why does Madame Ratignolle complain to Edna?

4. Describe Alcee's kiss with Edna:

5. Most of all, what did Edna gain?

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