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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who made the tobacco pouch that Robert carries?
(a) He made it.
(b) His mother
(c) Mariequita
(d) A Vera Cruz girl

2. Why does Mr. Pontellier not try to persuade Edna to go to the wedding?
(a) He does not want to bring her.
(b) He thinks it will get him out of going as well.
(c) He thinks she needs to stay back and look after the house.
(d) He is following the doctor's advice to let her do as she likes.

3. Why did Robert never reveal his true feelings to Edna before?
(a) He was worried she would not understand.
(b) She was not free.
(c) He thought she would make fun of him.
(d) He was not sure of how he felt until this moment.

4. How does Mr. Pontellier save his public image?
(a) By running off to Europe
(b) By calling friends and begging for their pity
(c) By putting a notice in the paper announcing his company's success
(d) By putting a notice in the paper announcing his family's upcoming sojourn

5. Why does Edna tell Victor to stop singing?
(a) She wants to sing.
(b) She hates that song.
(c) He is singing a song that Robert often sang to her.
(d) He is a terrible singer.

6. What does Victor talk about with Mariequita?
(a) His new job
(b) Alcee Arobin
(c) Mrs. Pontellier's dinner party
(d) Mrs. Highcamp's scarf

7. What is Edna's father's reason for coming to town?
(a) To take Edna away from Leonce
(b) To buy a wedding present for his other daughter
(c) To get a health check-up with Dr. Mandelet
(d) To see some museums

8. Describe Alcee's kiss with Edna:
(a) Edna felt like a whore afterward.
(b) It was cold, unemotional.
(c) It was the kind of kiss a brother gives a sister.
(d) It was a flaming torch that kindled desire.

9. How do the Pontellier children feel about their house being renovated?
(a) Confused
(b) They do not understand.
(c) Upset
(d) Excited

10. Who is Alcee Arobin?
(a) An artist like herself
(b) A member of the society of young men of fashion, a socialite
(c) A much sought-after bachelor
(d) A businessman with whom Leonce has dealings

11. How does Edna react to the note?
(a) She is not upset. She knew this would happen.
(b) She thinks Robert has lost his mind so she goes to sleep.
(c) She is devastated. She does not sleep all night.
(d) She thinks it is a joke and laughs.

12. What does Adele tell Edna to do?
(a) Stay with Leonce no matter what
(b) To go back to Grande Isle
(c) Stay with her until she recovers
(d) Remember the children

13. Most of all, what did Edna gain?
(a) A new lover
(b) An understanding of what married women feel when they are adulterous
(c) A greater understanding of life
(d) A better sense of what men are really like

14. Does Robert know that Edna is reading his letters to Mademoiselle Reisz?
(a) It is possible but not clear
(b) Yes but he does not seem to care
(c) Yes, that is why he keeps writing
(d) No, or he would stop writing

15. Why does Edna have to suddenly leave Robert?
(a) Leonce is sick and needs her.
(b) Madame Ratignolle is sick and needs her.
(c) She forgot to pick up something at the market.
(d) Alcee is sick and needs her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Edna tells Robert that he:

2. How does Robert react to the sight of Alcee's photograph?

3. Alone with Edna, what does Alcee show her?

4. How does Edna feel once her father and husband are gone?

5. Whose wedding does Edna refuse to attend?

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