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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Farival twins perform at the Grand Isle celebration?
(a) A duet from Zampa on the piano
(b) A duet from a Puccini opera
(c) A scene from La Traviata
(d) A skit they wrote about an evil king

2. What kind of woman is Edna not?
(a) A career woman
(b) A crazy woman
(c) A mean woman
(d) A mother-woman

3. What does Edna call the piece she often hears Mademoiselle Reisz play?
(a) Solitaire
(b) Swinging Blues
(c) Solitude
(d) Sunshine

4. What does Edna do that surprises everyone?
(a) She jumps into the ocean and swims by herself.
(b) She forces Leonce to swim with her.
(c) She runs up and down the beach like a madwoman.
(d) She takes surfing lessons.

5. Why is Mr. Pontellier reading a day-old newspaper?
(a) He likes old news, not current news.
(b) The day's paper has not yet reached the Grande Isle.
(c) He is too cheap to buy the day's paper.
(d) He is a slow reader .

6. What does Mademoiselle Reisz say to Edna after her performance?
(a) She should have chosen a different tune.
(b) Edna is the only one worth playing for.
(c) It is the last time she will perform for anyone.
(d) She would have preferred playing the violin.

7. What does Madame Ratignolle beg Robert to do?
(a) Start an affair with Edna
(b) Accompany her to the house
(c) Fix her house
(d) Babsyit her children

8. Who approaches Mr. Pontellier underneath a white sunshade?
(a) The local priest
(b) Robert LeBrun and his wife
(c) Madame Lebrun and her son Robert
(d) His wife, Mrs. Edna Pontellier and the young Robert Lebrun

9. Where does Robert suggest he and Edna go the next day?
(a) The Cayman Islands
(b) Grande Cheniere
(c) Grande Terre
(d) The Grand Canyon

10. What happens on Tuesdays in the Pontellier home?
(a) It is not different from other days of the week.
(b) It is gardening day so it is very noisy.
(c) It is cleaning day when the housekeeper comes.
(d) It is reception day when people come by for visits.

11. When Edna cannot find Mademoiselle Reisz, who does she go to for help?
(a) Leonce
(b) Adele Ratignolle
(c) Madame Lebrun
(d) The Police

12. Why does Edna feel a pang of jealousy toward Madame Lebrun?
(a) She is more beautiful than Edna.
(b) Robert wrote to his mother but not to Edna.
(c) She is richer than Edna.
(d) She is a better painter than Edna.

13. Once Mr. Pontellier is asleep, Mrs. Pontellier leaves the room and:
(a) Devises a scheme to move out
(b) Writes letters to her father
(c) Reads a book
(d) Cries almost uncontrollably

14. The news of Robert's departure upsets Edna so much she goes to:
(a) The neighbor's dinner party
(b) The beach
(c) Her room
(d) The train station

15. Describe Madame Antoine:
(a) Short, stout, angry and scary like a guard dog
(b) Thin, walks elegantly and speaks beautiful English
(c) Fat, walks heavily and clumsily, speaks no English but is warm and friendly
(d) Short, with a rather unforgettable face

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Robert done pretty much every summer at Grande Isle?

2. After declining Robert's invitation to go to the beach, how does Edna feel?

3. Rather than paint, what does Mr. Pontellier think his wife should be doing?

4. What does Leonce believe is a way to become rich?

5. Does Mrs. Pontellier feel comfortable in the company of Creoles?

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