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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Edna walks around town, who occupies her thoughts?
(a) Robert
(b) Alphonse
(c) Raoul
(d) Leonce

2. What does Edna throw at Robert?
(a) A pillow
(b) Her shoe
(c) An orange she plucked from a tree
(d) A frying pan

3. How does Madame Ratignolle explain the behavior of the Lebruns?
(a) They are all given to heroics.
(b) Very logical
(c) Unexplainable
(d) They are bizarre because they are so bohemian.

4. Who does Robert ask to perform for Mrs. Pontellier?
(a) Madame Ratignolle
(b) Madame Lebrun
(c) Mr. Pontellier
(d) Mademoiselle Reisz

5. Where is Leonce when Edna returns from the Cheniere?
(a) He is now at the Cheniere.
(b) He is walking along the beach.
(c) He is at Klein's.
(d) He went to Madame Antoine's.

6. Describe Madame Antoine:
(a) Short, with a rather unforgettable face
(b) Thin, walks elegantly and speaks beautiful English
(c) Fat, walks heavily and clumsily, speaks no English but is warm and friendly
(d) Short, stout, angry and scary like a guard dog

7. The news of Robert's departure upsets Edna so much she goes to:
(a) The neighbor's dinner party
(b) The train station
(c) Her room
(d) The beach

8. How soon will Robert depart?
(a) That night
(b) The next day
(c) Within minutes
(d) In a fortnight

9. Describe Mr. Ratignolle:
(a) Salt of the earth, cheerful, good hearted with common sense
(b) Quiet, stoic
(c) Dark, somber, not given to saying much to anyone
(d) Overly talkative

10. What does opening up to Madame Ratignolle do for Edna?
(a) It makes her realize her life is full.
(b) She wishes she had a psychiatrist to talk to.
(c) It makes her want to pack up and go home.
(d) It muddles her like wine, or like a first breath of freedom.

11. Who is very fond of Robert?
(a) His mother
(b) The church parishoners
(c) No one. Everyone dislikes him.
(d) The Pontellier children

12. Edna thinks her husband's bad humor is because of:
(a) Her
(b) His work
(c) His bad finances
(d) The hot weather

13. What does Robert say in response to Edna's comment that they have spent the entire day together?
(a) All but the hundred years she was sleeping
(b) He does not think that is correct.
(c) He does not really care, so he has no response.
(d) He is embarrassed at the remark and turns away.

14. Once Mr. Pontellier is asleep, Mrs. Pontellier leaves the room and:
(a) Cries almost uncontrollably
(b) Writes letters to her father
(c) Reads a book
(d) Devises a scheme to move out

15. Raoul's condition prompts Mr. Pontellier to accuse his wife of:
(a) Hating him
(b) Neglecting their children
(c) Giving Raoul the wrong medicine
(d) Being a great mother

Short Answer Questions

1. As they sail to the Cheniere Caminada, how does Edna feel?

2. Where is Robert when Edna discovers his plan?

3. Why is Mr. Pontellier reading a day-old newspaper?

4. Mrs. Pontellier talks about:

5. What effect does music generally have on Edna?

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