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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Edna search for?
(a) Victor Lebrun
(b) Mariequita
(c) Mademoiselle Reisz
(d) Madame Antoine

2. Where is Mr. Pontellier eager to go the next day?
(a) Easy Street, to open a bar
(b) Bourbon Street, the heart of New Orleans
(c) Wall Street, to conduct business
(d) Carondelet Street, the business center of the city

3. What does Edna throw at Robert?
(a) A pillow
(b) Her shoe
(c) An orange she plucked from a tree
(d) A frying pan

4. When talking to both Adele and Edna, Robert is jovial and jokes often. Is he this way when alone with Edna?
(a) The author gives few clues as to how he behaves when alone with Edna.
(b) Yes, he is.
(c) It depends on whether her husband is in the room.
(d) No, he is not.

5. How has Robert's going away affected Edna?
(a) She has lost her appetite and is losing weight.
(b) She is not entirely sure yet.
(c) She feels like she is going mad.
(d) It has taken the brightness, the color, the meaning out of everything.

6. According to Edna, her marriage to Leonce Pontellier was purely an:
(a) Act of convenience
(b) Act of rebellion
(c) Accident
(d) Amiable thing to do

7. When Edna cannot find Mademoiselle Reisz, who does she go to for help?
(a) Leonce
(b) Adele Ratignolle
(c) Madame Lebrun
(d) The Police

8. What does Mademoiselle Reisz say to Edna after her performance?
(a) She would have preferred playing the violin.
(b) It is the last time she will perform for anyone.
(c) She should have chosen a different tune.
(d) Edna is the only one worth playing for.

9. According to Mademoiselle Reisz, who is Madame Lebrun's favorite child?
(a) Neither son, she loves them equally
(b) Robert
(c) A third son who goes unnamed in this novel
(d) Victor

10. Alone in her room, what does Edna do?
(a) She laughs uncontrollably.
(b) She packs her bags but decides not to leave.
(c) She cuts up the linens with sharp scissors.
(d) She tears up a handkerchief, stomps on her wedding ring and smashes a vase.

11. Who does Edna ask the little Negro girl to wake up?
(a) Victor
(b) Robert
(c) Adele
(d) Madame Lebrun

12. What happens to Edna at the service?
(a) She starts crying and cannot stop.
(b) She renounces religion.
(c) She nearly faints and has to leave.
(d) She sings too loudly and is told to leave.

13. What does Mrs. Pontellier overhear Madame Ratignolle relate to Monsieur Farival in great detail?
(a) Her interest in writing a novel
(b) One of her accouchements, or, childbirths
(c) How to cook a chicken Creole style
(d) Her intimate moments with her husband

14. How does Edna react to the news she learns at dinner?
(a) She is shocked.
(b) She has no reaction.
(c) She is skeptical.
(d) She is delighted.

15. Once Mr. Pontellier realizes Edna will not come to bed, what does he do?
(a) He stays up, drinks wine, and smokes cigars next to her.
(b) He runs to the beach and swims alone.
(c) He goes out and drinks with this male friends.
(d) He grabs her and carries her upstairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Robert take Edna to recover?

2. What does Madame Ratignolle mean when she talks about her condition?

3. How does Edna feel upon leaving the Ratignolles?

4. What does Leonce believe is a way to become rich?

5. What has Robert done pretty much every summer at Grande Isle?

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