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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31-33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Victor Lebrun describe Edna?
(a) Ravishing
(b) Lacking in fashion taste
(c) Cute but too thin
(d) Homely

2. Edna wonders how many years she has slept. Robert says:
(a) About half an hour
(b) You have slept exactly one hundred minutes.
(c) An entire day
(d) You have slept precisely one hundred years.

3. What starts to change in Edna this summer at Grande Isle?
(a) She longs to have another child.
(b) The mantel of openness that had always enveloped her is tightening.
(c) The idea of living here year-round is gaining its appeal.
(d) The mantel of reservation that had always enveloped her is loosening.

4. How does Edna feel upon leaving the Ratignolles?
(a) Depressed rather than soothed
(b) Profoundly changed
(c) Soothed and sleepy
(d) Eager to go back

5. On what street do the Pontelliers live?
(a) Wall Street
(b) Esplanade Street
(c) Bourbon Street
(d) Avocado Street

Short Answer Questions

1. After declining Robert's invitation to go to the beach, how does Edna feel?

2. Why does Edna choose to remain in the hammock?

3. Why does Mr. Pontellier stop reading his newspaper?

4. What happens to Edna at the service?

5. Describe Mrs. Pontellier's eyes.

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