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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Pontellier overhear Madame Ratignolle relate to Monsieur Farival in great detail?
(a) Her intimate moments with her husband
(b) Her interest in writing a novel
(c) How to cook a chicken Creole style
(d) One of her accouchements, or, childbirths

2. How does Edna feel upon leaving the Ratignolles?
(a) Profoundly changed
(b) Soothed and sleepy
(c) Eager to go back
(d) Depressed rather than soothed

3. How soon will Robert depart?
(a) In a fortnight
(b) The next day
(c) That night
(d) Within minutes

4. What does Edna do when her husband orders her to come inside?
(a) She refuses to obey him.
(b) She obeys him instantly.
(c) She suggests they take a walk.
(d) She asks if they can get a larger cottage.

5. What is singing in French and a little Spanish?
(a) A fat man
(b) A fat lady
(c) A green and yellow iguana
(d) A green and yellow parrot

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Robert at Grande Isle?

2. What kind of woman is Edna not?

3. And what does Leonce do when Edna asks him to come to bed?

4. What had Edna attempted to learn all summer?

5. Who, according to Madame Ratignolle, was naughty?

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