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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Edna at the service?
(a) She starts crying and cannot stop.
(b) She renounces religion.
(c) She nearly faints and has to leave.
(d) She sings too loudly and is told to leave.

2. What characteristic of the Creoles "impresses" Mrs. Pontellier?
(a) Their entire absence of prudery
(b) Their endurance especially when swimming
(c) Their literary knowledge
(d) Their ability to drink a lot

3. What folly has Mrs. Pontellier committed, according to her husband?
(a) She is under a white sunshade when a black one would be better.
(b) She has taken swimming lessons .
(c) She has bathed at a bad time.
(d) She has bought an ugly swimsuit.

4. Who is Montel?
(a) A friend of Edna's
(b) A man who is in love with Madame Lebrun
(c) A celebrity who vacations on the Grande Isle
(d) A servant at the Lebrun estate

5. Describe Mrs. Pontellier's eyes.
(a) Green and grayish at the same time
(b) Quick, bright, yellowish brown, about the color of her hair
(c) Dull, slow, blue like the sky
(d) It is impossible to see her eyes hidden behind sunglasses

Short Answer Questions

1. Edna wonders how many years she has slept. Robert says:

2. Who is very fond of Robert?

3. As they sail to the Cheniere Caminada, how does Edna feel?

4. What do Robert and Edna do before Mr. Pontellier returns to the cottage?

5. And what does Leonce do when Edna asks him to come to bed?

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