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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although they do not talk, what does the author say is happening between Robert and Edna?
(a) They have a lot to say but cannot find the right words.
(b) They are feeling the throbbings of desire.
(c) They are allowing anger to fester within themselves.
(d) They are learning to be silent around each other.

2. Alone in her room, what does Edna do?
(a) She packs her bags but decides not to leave.
(b) She laughs uncontrollably.
(c) She cuts up the linens with sharp scissors.
(d) She tears up a handkerchief, stomps on her wedding ring and smashes a vase.

3. What does Edna see when Mademoiselle Reisz plays?
(a) Nothing. But she feels passions that make her choke with tears.
(b) Herself playing the piano
(c) Her life unfold like a beautiful flower
(d) The future in gross detail

4. What does Edna want to do with Madame Ratignolle?
(a) Paint a portrait of her
(b) Start a restaurant
(c) Talk politics
(d) Start an art business

5. What does Edna call the piece she often hears Mademoiselle Reisz play?
(a) Solitaire
(b) Sunshine
(c) Swinging Blues
(d) Solitude

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Montel?

2. What does Edna regret about her kiss with Alcee?

3. Who does Edna search for?

4. What does Robert jokingly say happened to Mrs. Pontellier when she was in the ocean?

5. At the last moment, which two guests do not show up at Edna's dinner party?

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