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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Women as property. This lesson will look into this idea and how Chopin writes about it in her story.


1.Class discussion: How does Leonce Pontellier view his wife? Is she, in fact, another piece of property? Was this a prevailing view of women in the late 19th century? Given the disparity in rank between women and men at the time, was this a fair way to look at women? Is this view of women the main reason why Edna feels so unhappy in her marriage? Do you think that if Leonce treated her more like a human being, as a partner, she would not so easily fall for Robert Lebrun's charms?

2. Homework: Have students write a short essay, about one page, from the point of view of Edna after Leonce tells her what folly it is to be swimming at such an hour and that...

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