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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leads the Viking attacks?
(a) Orm.
(b) Erik the Red.
(c) King Sweyn and his son Canute of Denmark.
(d) Ketil.

2. How does Merewyn feel about going to the place Erik speaks of?
(a) Merewyn hates to leave Langarfoss.
(b) What matters to Merewyn is what her husband's family wants to be.
(c) Merewyn is indifferent so long as she is not returning to England.
(d) Merewyn is as excited as Ketil to go.

3. What does Rumon tell Merewyn when they sit down at twilight?
(a) He wants her.
(b) He is ill.
(c) He must go.
(d) He wants to marry her.

4. What do Sigurd, Merewyn, Orm, and Ketil call their new home?
(a) Rich Port.
(b) Ketilvik.
(c) New Tre-Uther.
(d) Langarfoss.

5. What mountains does Merewyn have a view of from her home?
(a) The Hafnarfell.
(b) The Icelandic Alps.
(c) The Pyrenees.
(d) The Urals.

6. What does Orm try out as with King Sweyn's men?
(a) A huntsmen for Wulfric.
(b) A Thane for King Ethelred.
(c) A steersman on one of the long Viking ships.
(d) A captain of a small Viking ships.

7. Who is Sigurd?
(a) Merewyn's guard.
(b) Merewyn's husband.
(c) Merewyn's captor.
(d) Merewyn's son.

8. What does the Abbess ask Merewyn to do when the Abbess dies?
(a) To leave the Abbey.
(b) To pray for her.
(c) To take her heart back to Padstow.
(d) To become Abbess.

9. Who asks to join King Sweyn?
(a) Orm.
(b) Ketil.
(c) Canute.
(d) Erik the Red.

10. How does Merewyn react to what Rumon tells her when they sit down at twilight?
(a) She cries with sadness that her aunt is not there.
(b) She cries with joy.
(c) She is horrified that he would think that she is good enough to bed but not to wed.
(d) She accepts his offer and goes with him to the tower.

11. What does Erik tell Ketil when Ketil finds him in the evening?
(a) That Erik sailed west to a land where grasslands bordered a central ice cap.
(b) That Erik's wife was expecting their 5th child.
(c) That Ketil should not have looked so hard for him because Erik would have found Ketil.
(d) That Ketil looked old and tired.

12. What year is it at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) The same years as Merewyn was taken.
(b) 982.
(c) 1000.
(d) 984.

13. How does Merewyn feel toward Elgifu?
(a) She loves her like a sister.
(b) She feels pitty but she never really warms to the Queen.
(c) She resents her.
(d) She hates her.

14. After Thorbjorg tells Sigurd and Merewyn about Ketil, what does Thorbjorg say about Merewyn ?
(a) Merewyn will die in the upcoming epidemic.
(b) Thorbjorg sees big changes for Merewyn and Merewyn will not die in Greenland.
(c) Merewyn will marry the stranger from England in the years ahead.
(d) Merewyn will have several more children but only 1 will survive to adulthood.

15. Why is Merewyn excited after she and her party walk over the Medip Mountains?
(a) She is exicted to tell her children about the area in which she grew up.
(b) She is excited to be home.
(c) She is excited to be at Glastonbury and to find Rumon.
(d) She is excited to finally be over the mountains.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is it since the Viking raid at the beginning of Chapter 10?

2. How do the people at the feast react to the commands that Leif presents to them?

3. What does Merewyn want for Orm in England?

4. What commands does Leif present to the people when he arrives at the feast?

5. What does Bishop Ethelwold do when he returns to the Abbey in October?

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