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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Court refer to Alfrida after King Edgar dies?
(a) Old Lady.
(b) The former Queen.
(c) The Witch.
(d) They don't refer to her as anything because they do not acknowledge her.

2. Where is Rumon headed when he meets Merewyn?
(a) To see his grandmother.
(b) To Court.
(c) Home.
(d) To the monks.

3. How does the Queen react to the King's decision as to whom he has chosen to succeed him?
(a) She also gives her blessing.
(b) She is too upset at the King's dying to react.
(c) She is in shock.
(d) She stalks out of the room in a rage.

4. What does King Edward ask Alfrida through Gunner?
(a) Which property she would like as her Dower House.
(b) Would she marry Gunner.
(c) Would she kindly mind her own business.
(d) Why did you murder my father.

5. What is the name of Earl Ordgar's daughter?
(a) Arles.
(b) Eneda.
(c) Alfrida.
(d) Ordgara.

6. Who does the Prior think Rumon is when the Prior first meets him?
(a) A spy.
(b) His illigitimate son.
(c) His youngest brother.
(d) A generous benefactor.

7. What does Bishop Ehtelwold donate?
(a) Gold that he has collected.
(b) A piece of the true cross.
(c) Three hairs of a lock of the Blessed Virgin's.
(d) Land that belongs to him.

8. When Rumon meets Breaca of Uther, what does he notices?
(a) That she has only one leg.
(b) That she is dead.
(c) That she is dying.
(d) That she is in failing health.

9. Where does Rumon say he wants to take Alfrida?
(a) He wants to take her to his bed.
(b) He want to take her to Court.
(c) He wants to take her to the convent.
(d) Away from her dreary castle and maybe to Ireland.

10. What does Alfrida do when she realizes Rumon hasn't drunk the poison?
(a) She abandons her plan.
(b) She get Cild to help her poison him a second time.
(c) She reacts in a rage and hits Rumon.
(d) She knocks him out with a huge candlestick.

11. With whom does Dunstan suggest that Rumon marry and have children?
(a) Edgive.
(b) Merewyn.
(c) Ordgara.
(d) Eneda.

12. Whom does the King summon shortly after Dunstan's and Rumon's discussion?
(a) Rumon.
(b) Dunstan and Rumon.
(c) Dunstan.
(d) Edgive.

13. What does Breaca make Rumon promise?
(a) That he will marry her daughter.
(b) That he will not tell her daughter that she is a Viking.
(c) That he will not leave them.
(d) That he will get aid from the monastery for them.

14. Why does Alfrida not want Ethelred to attend Edward's coronation?
(a) Because she has been snubbed.
(b) Because she believes it would be an insult to Edward.
(c) Because Ethelred is angry at his brother.
(d) Because she believes Ethelred should be King.

15. What does Rumon try to get from the monks?
(a) All their gold.
(b) A blessing.
(c) The deed to the land that they stole from him.
(d) Some sort of aid for the house of Uther.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the King of England?

2. What announcement does Alfrida want to make at dinner that evening after Yuletide?

3. Who is Gunner?

4. What is Dunstan suggesting to Rumon after his stay at Glastonbury Abbey?

5. Who did King Edgar marry instead?

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