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Anya Seton
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Essay Topic 1

The dove motif appears several times in "Avalon." Why is the dove used in the story? How does it relate to those particular scenes in the novel? How is it important to the overall theme or plot?

Essay Topic 2

Explore how gender affects the plot and character development in "Avalon." How are male and female characters portrayed? What are the roles of males and females in Medieval society both in England and Iceland? How did gender influence the choices that were available to the characters and the decisions that they made?

Essay Topic 3

In "Avalon," some of the characters are given positive, sympathetic portrayals. Others have negative, perhaps even villainous portrayals. Others may be introduced as negative but gradually become positive. How does Seton indicate which characters are positive and which are negative? What details, actions, and characteristics does Seton give us to help us define...

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