Avalon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anya Seton
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Chapter 1

• The novel is an epic story that traces the fates of Merewyn of Uther and Romieux de Provence.

• Their journey begins with a chance meeting on the way to Tre-Uther and continues through England, Iceland, Greenland and North America.

• The story follows the history of England's Viking raids, St. Dunstan's work to bring the English to Christianity, and Eric the Red's colonization of Greenland.

• The story is one of love, devotion and a basic struggle to survive.
• Merewyn leaves home for the first time with a serf, Caw, and her dog, Trig in the year 973.

• Merewyn made a pilgrimage to St. Gundred's Well at Roche to pray for her mother, Breaca, who is too weak to have made the journey herself.

• On the way home, Merewyn encounters Romieux de Provence, known as Rumon, on his way to the Court of King Edgar of England.

• Rumon, who was...

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