Autumn: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ali Smith
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• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Author Smith, Ali. Autumn. Pantheon Books, 2016. Hardcover.

• Daniel Gluck, who is 101, is dreaming that he has been washed up on a shore.

• He is surprised to be alive.

• He has lost his clothes, and he looks at his old withered body, and he is not sure if he is dead or alive.

• He sees some girls approaching, and he runs to hide in the woods since he has no clothes on.

• He is surprised that he can run.

• He hides in a patch of trees, and he is thinking about covering himself.

• Some thread and a needle appear, and he sews together leaves into clothing.

• As he sews, he remembers the 1980s when he was nearly 70.

• He visited Paris with a younger woman in her 40s for a romantic time, but it did...

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