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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the poem that opens “Autobiography of Red: A Romance,” what is said to keep "His never slumbering plan"?
(a) "The ashes of the forgotten."
(b) "The reticent volcano."
(c) "His cold hands."
(d) "The winds of the coming storm."

2. Whose quote opens “Red Meat: What Difference did Stesichoros Make?”
(a) Homer's.
(b) Gertrude Stein's.
(c) Emily Dickinson's.
(d) Sophocles'.

3. What is noted about the fruit bowl in “Fruit Bowl”?
(a) It is always empty.
(b) It is always filled with apples.
(c) It is always full of water.
(d) It has been stolen.

4. “Autobiography of Red: A Romance” opens with a poem by whom?
(a) James Joyce.
(b) Edgar Allan Poe.
(c) Emily Dickinson.
(d) Gertrude Stein.

5. The opening sentence of “Slopes” suggests that Geryon could be very what?
(a) Repulsive.
(b) Manipulative.
(c) Charming.
(d) Resentful.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Appendix B: "The Palinode of Stesichoros by Stesichoros (Fragment 192 Poetae Melici Graeci)," the narrator says, "No you never came to" what location?

2. When does Geryon recall doing a science project in “Mitwelt”?

3. Who falls asleep on the way to the volcano in “AA”?

4. What kind of livestock does the narrator describe Geryon raising in “Geryon”?

5. What does Geryon receive from a friend of his mother's in “Ideas”?

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