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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Geryon's brother place on his head in "Rhinestones"?
(a) A dictionary.
(b) A football helmet.
(c) An empty fruit bowl.
(d) A baseball cap.

2. Where does Geryon get a job in "Freedom"?
(a) The butcher shop.
(b) The bank.
(c) The candy store.
(d) The library.

3. What does Herakles describe Geryon saving in his dream in “Freedom"?
(a) A little girl.
(b) A yellow bird.
(c) A butterfly.
(d) A red dog.

4. How does Geryon's mother define the word "each" for him in "Each"?
(a) It means glory and unity.
(b) It means going to school.
(c) It means the ability to fly.
(d) It means separation and independence.

5. The opening line of “She” describes the house being dark except for a single light where?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In the attic.
(c) In the upper bedroom.
(d) On the porch.

Short Answer Questions

1. The poem that opens “Autobiography of Red: A Romance” concludes with the lines, "The only secret people keep / Is" what?

2. Why is Geryon sent to his room in "Geryon's Parents"?

3. What kind of hedge surrounds the windows of the kindergarten in "Justice"?

4. What kind of food does Geryon use in making his sculpture in "Tuesday"?

5. In "Grooming," the opening sentence describes living childhood close to what?

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