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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the February 2, 1858, entry, from 1857 to 1858, how many Bibles and Scripture portions were distributed?

2. In 1850, how large a second orphanage did Muller pray about building?

3. What must orphans have to enter a typical orphanage other than Muller's?

4. Who died on May 26, 1857?

5. According to the May 1, 1848, entry, what happens to the believer who "sows sparingly"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Muller do on January 1, 1840?

2. How did Muller feel about the deaths of his brother and father?

3. Why was Muller not surprised at a donation of 8,100 pounds for the new orphan house?

4. How did Muller believe that Christians should feel about their possessions and income?

5. How did Muller fight against the powers of darkness that were trying to rob the church of the Holy Scriptures?

6. During 1857-1858, how were the institute funds that came to Muller used?

7. Summarize Muller's diary entry for December 9, 1846.

8. What blessing did Muller report several months before December 1842?

9. How does Muller say one is to have power over temptations and gain more wisdom and grace?

10. Summarize Muller's diary entry for May 30, 1851.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"When 'sight' ceases, it is time for 'faith' to work." Muller believed that a Christian should walk by faith and not by sight. According to Muller, what does that mean? Give at least two examples from Muller's life.

Essay Topic 2

On December 30, 1845, Muller applied two points from the first chapter of Ezra to the orphan house. What two points are in that chapter and how did Muller apply them?

Essay Topic 3

Muller said: "On this journey I acted like Judas. I managed the money so that the journey cost me only two thirds of what it cost my friends." Contrast Muller's feelings and activities leading up to, during and after his trip to Switzerland with his feelings and activities after his conversion.

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