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Kroppenstaedt, Prussia

This is the birthplace of George Muller.


This word means complete trust or confidence, which the author had in God.

Lord's Supper

With this ordinance, a Christian communes with God by remembering the death, burial, resurrection and promised return of Jesus and partaking of unleavened bread and new wine. Muller failed to understand its importance until he attended Bible study in college.


This is the place where Muller began his religious studies, although he exerted little effort in spiritual matters.


Muller's father found a place for him to study near this town. Unfortunately, he found new friends who influenced him toward sin.


Muller lived with his principal in this place and impressed the administrator with an outwardly studious and pious life while he remained inwardly rebellious.

University of Halle

Muller entered this institution and gained permission to preach in the Lutheran Church...

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