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Auto-bio-graphy Tree

All three parts of auto- bio-graphy come from the Greek. Divide the class into several groups and set a time limit to see how many words each group can find with at least one of the Greek parts. For example, AUTOmobile, BIOlogy and calliGRAPHY.

Muller's Time Line

Divide the class into groups and have each group make a time line of the events in Muller's autobiography.

World Time Line

Using the time line from question number two, research and add important European events that occurred. Discuss whether of not you think any events affected Muller's work in any way.

Which Came First?

Find Internet pictures of the site of Muller's orphanages. Divide the class into groups to try to determine from the text the order in which they were built.

Muller's Wives

Muller had two wives. Find Internet pictures of them and research and summarize their...

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