Autobiography of George Muller Character Descriptions

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George Muller

This man, a German preacher who moved to England, had an independent journey of faith. He and another man began a religious-educational agency, but the largest part of his ministry was orphan houses.


The author made houses for these children, who might otherwise have died in the streets or gone to prison.

Muller's Father

This man eventually disowned the author .

Muller's Mother

This woman died when the author was 14.


This man was instrumental in changing the author's life by inviting him to Bible study.


This man, who later became a missionary in Africa, lead the Bible study that changed the outlook of the author.

Dr. Tholuck

This professor of divinity at the University of Halle aided the author in finding work as a German tutor and recommended Bucharest to the author as a possible mission field.

Holy Spirit

The author recognized this presence...

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