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• The unnamed editor asks why, if people really believe in prayer, don't they trust God to answer daily prayers?

• Using Muller as the example, the editor says Muller prayed to and depended on no one but God during his ministry.

• A simply dressed, tall, slender man, Muller learned several languages for his education and Bible study.

• Muller relied on the Bible for personal study, with a library of several translations and some support materials.

• Muller lived simply, praying for his needs and relying on his Bible.
• The editor hopes that the autobiography will challenge others in their own prayer life, concerning faith.

Chapter 1, An Unlikely Preacher

• Muller begins with a brief description of his childhood.

• At 11, his father sent him away to learn to be a clergyman.

• Muller continued to rebel against a pious life even after the death of his mother.

• Throughout his schooling, Muller got...

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