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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About which of Mukunda's organs is his master worried about?
(a) Pancreas
(b) Heart
(c) Liver
(d) Kidney

2. What escapes from Muknda in this chapter?
(a) His previous life
(b) His spiritual body
(c) His future life
(d) His sub conscious

3. Where does the author call a sage?
(a) Sadhu
(b) Pluck
(c) Sohli
(d) Kalighat

4. Mukunda Lal Ghosh is later known as __________.
(a) Kriya
(b) Yukteswar
(c) Paramahansa Yoganda
(d) Lahiri Mahasaya

5. What is Mukunda's father's job?
(a) Footballer
(b) Engineer
(c) Railroad executive
(d) Train driver

6. What does Mukunda forget to do?
(a) Pray
(b) Lock the back door
(c) Shut the windows
(d) His chores

7. What do Nantu and Mukunda forget to study?
(a) Banaras
(b) Maths
(c) Biology
(d) Sanskrit

8. What should Mukunda love more than meditation?
(a) Women
(b) His family
(c) Bhaduri
(d) God

9. Where should Mukunda have met his friends?
(a) The himalaya caves
(b) Calcutta rail station
(c) Macdonalds
(d) The universty foyer

10. What does Yukeswar ask Sasi to obtain?
(a) A gold chain
(b) A sapphire
(c) A woman
(d) A marrow

11. What is the name of Mukunda's servant?
(a) Viijay
(b) Sachin
(c) Lal Dhari
(d) Behari

12. In what part of India was Mukunda born?
(a) West
(b) Northeast
(c) South
(d) Northwest

13. What does an old friend tell Mukunda on the street?
(a) He will fall in love,
(b) He will suffer a tragedy,
(c) He will soon die,
(d) He will have an unusual experience,

14. What does Mukunda ignore in Tarekedswar?
(a) The shopping center
(b) The temple
(c) The sacred stone
(d) The market

15. On what part of the body does Yukeswar strike Mukunda?
(a) The chest
(b) The legs
(c) The head
(d) The hands

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the peasant steal?

2. Where does Mukunda's father offer Babu a job?

3. What does Mukunda want to see with Jitendra?

4. What food does the doctor have to stop eating?

5. Who raises money for Mukunda's four-year course?

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