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A district of northeastern India near the Himalayas where Yogananda was born in 1893.


The rugged, craggy mountains in India where many saints and sages have dwelt in caves for centuries, meditating and seeking God.


A beautiful city near the Himalayas in India that is visited by Yogananda, Yukteswar and a small group of disciples.

Serampore College

The university in Calcutta where Yogananda received his education and AB degree.


The busy Indian city where Mukunda and his friend, Jitendra, purposely spent the day with no money or food and were able to eat lavishly.

Ranchi School

Yogananda founded this school for boys which had a focus on kriya yoga, math and spirituality.

Self-Realization Fellowship

This is a global organization based on Yogananda's teachings whose headquarters is located in San Rafael, California.

Encinitas Hermitage

Built by his disciples, this is a beautiful ashram overlooking the ocean...

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