Autobiography of a Yogi Fun Activities

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Learn about how to mediate and mediate at home for a week. Write down the benefits you think mediation has had on your life.

Master and Student.

Learn the basics of a philosophic teaching and choose a classmate to be your student. Your task is then to teach your student all that you know.

Symbolic Story

Write a symbolic story that relates to how you think about life.

500 Words

Summarize the book into 500 words.


Write a dialogue between a Christian and Yogananda. In what ways do they view life differently?

Character Biography

Choose one of the famous people Yogananda refers to in the book such as Gandhi and write his biography.


Choose a philosophy that you think you would like to follow. Be prepared to explain your choice.

Write a Leaflet

Write a leaflet that promotes Yogananda's teachings.

Front Cover

Design a front cover for...

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