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Lucy Grealy
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 and 8, Masks and Truth and Beauty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does she try to catch pneumonia again?
(a) When she lays in bed without moving for many hours.
(b) When she tries to inhale bathwater.
(c) When she tries to be around her sister who has pneumonia.
(d) When she sits out in the cold.

2. Why does Lucy like this nurse?
(a) She tells Lucy she will feel no pain.
(b) She does not lie about the pain Lucy will feel but always tries to be humorous.
(c) She is quick and efficient.
(d) She is very kind and gentle.

3. With whom does Lucy go trick-or-treating?
(a) Jennifer.
(b) Teresa.
(c) Jan.
(d) Linda.

4. What does Lucy create near the garage in what she calls "a small island of grass between the sea of driveway asphalt and the front walk of cement?"
(a) A "kingdom."
(b) A "country."
(c) A "village."
(d) A "city."

5. When the insurance from her father's new job begins, why is she relieved?
(a) It means no more doctor's visits and rides in the ambulance.
(b) It means no more in-home nursing care or storing drugs at home.
(c) It means no more hospital stays or visits to the local clinic.
(d) It means no more rides in the ambulance or storing drugs at home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the nurse she likes best?

2. How does Lucy say that she got the job?

3. What do Lucy and her mother do for the next two years?

4. What grades in school does Lucy mostly miss?

5. How does Lucy feel on Fridays?

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