Objects & Places from Autobiography of a Face

Lucy Grealy
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Diamond D Stables

This is a rather dilapidated stable where Lucy worked for several years from the time she was fourteen.

Rockland County

This is where Diamond D Stables were located.

Pascack Valley Hospital

This is where Lucy spends the first night in the hospital, awaiting what they believe to be a minor surgery.

The Strang Clinic

This is where Lucy and her parents go for treatment by Dr. John Conley.

Columbian Presbyterian Hospital

This is where Lucy is to have the emergency surgery performed when her family first learns of her illness.

Ward 10

This is where Lucy spends much of her time during the early months of her illness.


This is where Lucy wakes after her major surgery and finds that she has a tube in her throat.

Ewings Sarcoma

This is the type of cancer Lucy has.

The Queen Mary

This is the ship on...

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