Autobiography of a Face Multiple Choice Test Questions

Lucy Grealy
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Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2, Luck and Petting Zoo

1. Of what does Lucy tell?
(a) Her years in a private school.
(b) Her years as a hand for Diamond D Stables.
(c) Her life in Paris.
(d) Her years in art school.

2. What has Lucy experienced by the time she begins to work there?
(a) She has spent many years around horses.
(b) She has moved many times and has few friends.
(c) She has trained horses for other stables.
(d) She has had several surgeries and her face is oddly shaped.

3. How does Lucy say that she got the job?
(a) As a result of e-mailing the owner about working there.
(b) As a result of calling on the phone and not mentioning her disfigurement.
(c) As a result of knowing several of the girls who already work there.
(d) As a result of meeting with the owner for an interview.

4. What must Lucy endure while working there?
(a) Annoying girls.
(b) Very little pay.
(c) Mean horses.
(d) Pony parties.

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