Autobiography of a Face Fun Activities

Lucy Grealy
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Ewing's Sarcoma

Research this disease, its history, and possible cures. Explain your findings in a one-page paper.

Sarah Lawrence

Write a letter to this school asking about programs in which you might be interested, acceptance requirements, and the school's history.

Reconstructive Surgery

How do the reconstructive surgeries that Lucy had to undergo compare to surgeries available today? Compare and contrast these various surgeries in a short essay.

Dealing with Trauma

What options are available for helping someone deal with a traumatic experience? Call various organizations to find information about what services they provide for individuals who suffer from trauma. Write a short essay on your findings.

What Does It Mean to be Beautiful?

Write a poem in a style of your choice expressing your opinion of what it means to be beautiful.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteer at least four hours of your time at a hospital, nursing home...

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