Autobiography of a Face Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lucy Grealy
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Essay Topic 1

Lucy has severe jaw pain after colliding with another girl during dodge ball.

Part 1) What is the cause of this jaw pain? Would it have occurred if she had not collided with the other girl? Explain.

Part 2) How does this incident begin the plot of the story? How does Lucy change because of this incident?

Part 3) Is it good she collided with this girl? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Lucy relishes her first hospital experience.

Part 1) Why does she enjoy this visit? How does it compare to subsequent visits?

Part 2) How does this first visit foreshadow the next several years of her life?

Part 3) What does this visit reveal about doctors and the medical profession?

Essay Topic 3

Lucy's family immigrated to the United States.

Part 1) Describe their immigration. What is the importance of this?

Part 2) What do these details about her family reveal about them...

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