Autobiography of a Face Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lucy Grealy
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Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2, Luck and Petting Zoo

• Lucy's head collides with a classmate's during a game of dodgeball; Lucy is sent to the ground in a wave of pain in her jaw.

• The next morning, she can hardly open her mouth and is taken to the doctor, where she's told that it's probably fractured - the first of many incorrect diagnoses.
• The x-rays reveal it's not a broken jaw, but a cyst, and she's scheduled for surgery; about six months later, Lucy's face is "swollen and hot," disputing the doctor's insistence that a knot on her jaw is only a bony growth.

• Dr. Canton agrees that Lucy's situation is serious, that it's an infection and schedules emergency surgery.
• Lucy watches her parents as they are questioned about her infancy; Lucy says she knows that her family is "in some ways superior" to their neighbors though there are also...

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