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Short Answer Questions

1. Who died while Wilde was in prison?

2. Who did Yeats's medium call the spirits she got her information from?

3. What caused some of Yeats's family members to withdraw from his visits?

4. Where was Playboy of the Western World presented?

5. What playwright did Yeats enjoy when he returned to Bedford Park?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who did Morris remind Yeats of, and what did Morris teach Yeats?

2. How did the theosophists feel about Mr. Russel?

3. How did Yeats meet Dowden, and what did Dowden teach Yeats?

4. What special gift did Russel have that he used to help other people?

5. What did Yeats think caused the poets he knew to be so tragic?

6. How did Hyde and O'Grady help to promote Irish literature?

7. How were Yeats's grandfathers different in their personalities?

8. Why did Wilde refuse to run away when he had the chance?

9. What was MacGregor obsessed with when he lived in Paris?

10. What did Henley do to help Yeats find his identity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Personal identity was one of the main themes in this book. Where did this theme appear, and how did its inclusion in the biography change the style of the narration?

Essay Topic 2

Many different people in this book were persuaded to do things that they would not have done of their own accord. What are some of these instances, and how did persuasion affect the course of the plot?

Essay Topic 3

Power and Greed were two common themes in this book. Where did they appear, and how do they differ in their manifestations?

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