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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was president of the Young Ireland Society?
(a) O'Malley.
(b) Callaghan.
(c) Donnaghy.
(d) O'Leary.

2. What did Yeats's mother think people in London indulged too much in?
(a) Public affection.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Voicing their opinions.
(d) Swearing.

3. How did Yeats feel as he learned more about his spiritual psyche?
(a) Confused.
(b) Amazed.
(c) Scared.
(d) Interested.

4. What did Yeats have visions of?
(a) Strangely dressed women.
(b) Tall men.
(c) Naked children.
(d) Angels and demons.

5. What was Yeats's grandfather's occupation?
(a) Sailor.
(b) Soldier.
(c) Preacher.
(d) Tailor.

6. What did Yeats compare the phases of literature to?
(a) The moon.
(b) The seasons in a year.
(c) The age of man.
(d) A growing child.

7. What caused Johnson to be poor and destitute?
(a) Gambling.
(b) Opium.
(c) Alcohol.
(d) Insanity.

8. Who reminded Yeats of his grandfather?
(a) William Morris.
(b) O'Leary.
(c) Dowden.
(d) Henley.

9. What did Yeats often think of his father's opinion?
(a) It was not logical.
(b) It was exactly right.
(c) It was too extreme.
(d) It was wrong.

10. Why did a schoolmate teach Yeats to box?
(a) To help him defend himself from bullies.
(b) To find something he could excel at.
(c) To make better friends.
(d) To help him train for an event.

11. Who did Yeats live with when he started the National Literary Society?
(a) O'Leary.
(b) MacGregor.
(c) Oscar Wilde.
(d) Henley.

12. Where did Yeats like to sleep at night while in Dublin?
(a) Under the stars.
(b) Old castles.
(c) Churches.
(d) His mother's house.

13. Where did Yeats's grandparents live?
(a) Slitho.
(b) Slingo.
(c) Sligo.
(d) Slitto.

14. Who often shared Yeats's visions?
(a) Mary.
(b) His daughter.
(c) His uncle.
(d) His wife.

15. What playwright did Yeats enjoy when he returned to Bedford Park?
(a) Synge.
(b) Ibsen.
(c) Rhys.
(d) Wilde.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Hyde promote Irish literature?

2. What did Yeats see that visions affected?

3. What strange idea did Henley embrace just before his death?

4. What was the boy that Yeats cured sick with?

5. Who was the president of the Literary Society?

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