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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Yeats's father do to get Yeats to improve his studies after moving to Dublin?
(a) Rewarded him.
(b) Taught him at home.
(c) Got him a tutor.
(d) Threatened him.

2. What helped Yeats break free from imitating his father's style?
(a) Spiritualism.
(b) A talk with a teacher.
(c) A dream.
(d) Mysticism.

3. What did Yeats often think of his father's opinion?
(a) It was not logical.
(b) It was wrong.
(c) It was exactly right.
(d) It was too extreme.

4. How was Yeats's first play that was performed in England received?
(a) Richly.
(b) Fearfully.
(c) Poorly.
(d) Very well.

5. What word did Yeats use to describe his medium?
(a) Incredible.
(b) Fascinating.
(c) Arrogant.
(d) Unbelievable.

6. What did Yeats blame for his logical style?
(a) His Irish descent.
(b) His religion.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) His father.

7. Why was Yeats happy that O'Leary was dead before Playboy of the Western World was presented?
(a) He would have taken credit for it.
(b) He would have tried to change it.
(c) He would have been obessed with it.
(d) He would have hated it.

8. What was the name of the poetry society Yeats formed with Rhys?
(a) The Literary Works Guild.
(b) The Poet's Corner.
(c) The Poetry Circuit.
(d) The Rhymer's Club.

9. What did many of Wilde's friends encourage him to do?
(a) Continue writing.
(b) Leave the country.
(c) Make an apology letter.
(d) Fight for his rights.

10. How did Hyde promote Irish literature?
(a) He attended all assemblies for Irish work.
(b) He translated old work.
(c) He went on campaigns.
(d) He wrote about Irish legends.

11. Where did the Yeats family move after they lived in Dublin?
(a) Fairfax Landing.
(b) Mansfield Place.
(c) Canterville Chase.
(d) Bedfield Park.

12. What did Yeats think his writing was full of when he met MacGregor?
(a) Cliches.
(b) Copied styles.
(c) Generalizations.
(d) Logical flaws.

13. Why did the starving artist refuse the job that Yeats found for her?
(a) There were too many restrictions.
(b) It was too far from her home.
(c) It would not be true to her art.
(d) She did not like her boss.

14. Where did Yeats's sponsor live?
(a) Dublin.
(b) Bedfield Park.
(c) London.
(d) Sligo.

15. Who did Yeats stay with in Paris?
(a) Wilde.
(b) O'Leary.
(c) MacGregor.
(d) Shaw.

Short Answer Questions

1. What subject was the Rhymer's club fixated on?

2. What did Yeats see that visions affected?

3. Whose writings did Ellis introduce Yeats to?

4. What were Johnson's religious beliefs?

5. How did Yeats cure a boy?

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