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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Trembling of the Veil, Book I. Four Years: 1887-1891,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word did Yeats use to describe his medium?
(a) Arrogant.
(b) Unbelievable.
(c) Incredible.
(d) Fascinating.

2. Why did Yeats never express his feelings the first time he fell in love?
(a) She was much too young for him.
(b) She was too good for him.
(c) She was engaged to another man.
(d) She was much too old for him.

3. Where did Yeats meet MacGregor?
(a) The green park.
(b) The British Museum.
(c) An Aviary.
(d) A church yard.

4. What did MacGregor say could trigger thoughts?
(a) Smells.
(b) Sounds.
(c) Winds.
(d) Symbols.

5. What did Yeats often think of his father's opinion?
(a) It was not logical.
(b) It was too extreme.
(c) It was exactly right.
(d) It was wrong.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Yeats think his writing was full of when he met MacGregor?

2. What was Henley's occupation?

3. Whose writings did Ellis introduce Yeats to?

4. What did Yeats think of most of the people who joined his poetry society?

5. What helped Yeats break free from imitating his father's style?

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