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Deidre of the Sorrows

This was the final play John Synge wrote. The third act contained many references to death.

Playboy of the Western World

This was a play about patricide that was written by Synge and was such a controversial play that its first performance at the Abby Theatre resulted in riots.

Countess Cathleen

This was a play Yeats wrote early in his career that inspired his desire to build a theatre company.

The Russia

This was a ship Yeats' grandfather captained during his career.

Harcourt Street School

This was the school Yeats attended as a youth and where older children bullied him until an athletic friend taught him how to defend himself.

Hodos Chameliontos

This was a cabbalistic symbol of losing one's way that Yeats was warned against when McGregor began teaching him the symbols.

The National Literary Society

This was a group Yeats began in...

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