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Reveries over Childhood and Youth,

• Yeats spent his early childhood in Sligo with his grandparents. His grandmother was kind and gentle, but his grandfather was stern.

• Yeats was not a very good student until his father took over teaching him. His teacher would reward him by letting him see her father's sword.

• Yeats was confused about religion because his father had no beliefs. He thought a lot about it when his brother died.

• When Yeats was a small boy, his father moved the family to London to pursue his art. Yeats and his mother hated London and missed Sligo.
• In London, Yeats was bullied at school. An athletic friend taught him to box so he could protect himself. He only did this once and was never bullied again.

• Yeats spent a lot of time listening to his father and his artist friends read poetry. This began his love...

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