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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Felipe tell Aura about himself at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) He is the historian.
(b) He is going to live with them.
(c) He is single.
(d) He is only staying for a while.

2. What kind of staircase does Felipe see at the end of the hall when he goes downstairs in Chapter 2?
(a) Servant's.
(b) Spiral.
(c) Narrow.
(d) Wide.

3. How does Felipe have to learn to get around the house, according to Chapter 2?
(a) As quietly as possible.
(b) By smell.
(c) By sound.
(d) By touch.

4. What is the point of view of Aura?
(a) Second-person.
(b) First-person.
(c) Third-person limited.
(d) Third-person limited.

5. What religion is represented in the old woman’s room where she is kneeling in Chapter 2?
(a) Paganism.
(b) Judaism.
(c) Christianity.
(d) Satanism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Felipe find himself repeating as he looks in the mirror in his bathroom in Chapter 2?

2. What is Felipe instructed to do after he steps forward when he first goes into the house in Chapter 1?

3. According to Aura in Chapter 2, who has gone for Felipe’s belongings?

4. What name does the old woman call at the end of Chapter 1?

5. How long ago did Llorente die, according to Chapter 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. What instructions does the old woman give Felipe when he goes into the house in Chapter 1?

2. What does Felipe think the advertisement in Chapter 1 should say?

3. What does Felipe see when he goes into the old woman’s room in Chapter 1?

4. What does Felipe do in the mirror in his bathroom?

5. What reason does the old woman give for the darkness in her home in Chapter 2?

6. What does Felipe do before he goes into 815 Donceles Street?

7. What does Felipe wonder as he leaves the café in Chapter 1?

8. What two things is Felipe thinking about as Aura shows him to his room in Chapter 2?

9. What is the advertisement Felipe sees in Chapter 1?

10. What is Felipe served for supper in Chapter 2?

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