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Essay Topic 1

Define point of view. Identify and explain the three types of point of view. What is the point of view of Aura? How do you know?

Essay Topic 2

Define genre. How is it used in literature? How is it identified? Identify the genre of Aura, and identify its characteristics that support that genre.

Essay Topic 3

Define characterization. Identify and explain each type of characterization. Give at least two examples of each type of characterization from Aura.

Essay Topic 4

Define setting. What is its role in literature? What elements are part of the setting? How does setting impact a story? What is the setting of Aura? How does the setting impact the story of Aura?

Essay Topic 5

Define mood. What is its role in literature? How is it identified? What is the overall mood of Aura? How is this mood expressed in the story? Provide specific examples...

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