Aura Character Descriptions

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Felipe Montero

This history teacher accepts a job writing memoirs of a deceased general. He is intrigued by a young woman with green eyes, then falls in love with her as the story progresses.

Senora Consuelo

This character is the elderly woman who hires a history teacher to finish her deceased husband’s memoirs. She lives in mysterious darkness and seems to have a strange connection with her niece. She is also involved in some kind of occult practice.


This character is the niece of another character whom she lives with and takes care of with blind obedience. She is around twenty when first introduced in the story, but has aged twenty years by the next day.

General Llorente

This character is a general that died fifty-seven years before the story begins, at the age of eighty-two. He was infertile, which caused a major strain on his...

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