Objects & Places from August: Osage County

Tracy Letts
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This is the title of Beverly Weston's one published book of poetry.

Pain pills

Violet Weston is addicted to this substance.


Beverly Weston is addicted to this substance.


This substance is frequently used by Jean.

Safety Deposit Box

Violet obtained items from this location after Beverly's disappearance and before calling him at the motel.

County Squire Motel

This is the location where Beverly first goes after his disappearance and prior to his death.


This item that belongs to Beverly goes missing when he does.

Window Blinds

These items are described as being taped to the walls in the Weston home, preventing any light from getting in.

Umbilical Cord

This item is enclosed in the necklace that Johnna wears in the play.


This creature is depicted on the necklace that Johnna wears.

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